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The Batch Upload feature allows you to submit a large number of searches in a single text file, without having to enter the search criteria for each person individually on the web site. This feature is useful if:

  1. You need to perform a large number of searches.
  2. You wish to have all matching records returned in a single file.

File Format

Batches must be submitted as a text file (.txt) with the search criteria for each search on a separate line. It must be formatted as shown below. Please note that this is a fixed width (NON-DELIMITED) format.

  • Use the ASCII space character to fill unused gaps.
  • Use a carriage return/line feed to go to the next line.
  • DO NOT USE TABs or other characters to achieve columns.
  • Enter names as LAST,FIRST with a comma separating them – do not use a space between the last and first names.
  • Do not use characters in the name field other than letters, the comma to separate first and last name, and if necessary a space between the first and middle name (no hyphens or apostrophes—see examples below).
Name 1 - 30 30 Left justified, blank fill right
Sex 31 1 Female (F), Male (M), or Either(E)
Race 32 1 White (W), Black (B), Unknown (U)
Date of Birth 33 - 40 8 YYYYMMDD format
TOTAL 40 Total Record Length
Example of a correctly formatted batch file line:
DOE,JOHN                      EU19761231
Note: First line with dashes is provided for illustration. A “+” marks the beginning of a field. Do not include this line in your batch file. In this example, 22 spaces were entered between the name and sex information (for a total of 30 characters in the name field). The number of spaces will vary with your search name, so the other search information will be in the correct position.

Example of a correctly formatted batch file *:

DOE,JOHN J....................EU19761231
* For clarity, spaces are represented with a "."

Common Errors in the Name Field

Space after the comma:

Smith, Joe



Invalid character in last name:

O’Malley,Jan Kelly


OMalley,Jan Kelly

Hyphen included in last name:

Smith-Malley,Jan Kelly


SmithMalley,Jan Kelly

Invalid character “.” after Jr:

Doe,John Jr.


Doe,John Jr

Name field not padded with the correct amount of spaces (other fields will be in wrong position):

Doe,John EU19761231

Correct *:

* For clarity, spaces are represented with a "."

Date of Birth Errors

The date of birth must be entered as YYYYMMDD (4-digit year followed by a 2-digit month and a 2-digit day).

Date of birth in wrong order: